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[HOWTO] Demultiplexing DVD vob files for reauthoring

June 10, 2010


Note to self:

For the video screening part of the Contemporary Artists from South Africa exhibition currently on display at Galleri 3.14 we needed to re-author a DVD. The received DVD contained a number of movies that could be selected from a menu, but for the screening we rather wanted the program to play back continuously with looping. Although I have done it before, I had forgot the steps required, and had to do some googling before figuring out how to extract the m2v and audio files from the TS_VIDEO folder of the DVD so that we could re-author the DVD without ripping as a de- and re-compressing process, loosing lots of image resolution in the process. So for next time, here’s the HOWTO:

  1. Download and install MPEG Streamclip.
  2. Open the TS_VIDEO folder of the DVD disk image. Investigate the content, looking for .vob files. The big ones are most likely the ones you want.
  3. Drag one of the .vob files across the MPEG Streamclip interface
  4. Choose File > Demux > Demux to M2V and AIFF. If you suspect audio content to me AC3, you should Demux to M2V and AC3 instead.
  5. Select where to save, and take a coffe while it process the .vob file.
  6. You’ll end up with a pair of .m2v and .aif (or .ac3) files that can be imported into DVD Studio Pro. You will have lost no quality in the process a s compared to the DVD you started from.

The above most likely won’t work with copy-protected DVD content, at least I have never checked to see if it do work.