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Fripp & Eno Live - May 28, 1975 in Paris

January 10, 2011


The New Year gets off to a great start with the release of Fripp & Eno’s classic concert at the Olympia, Paris on 28th May 1975.

Writing show notes for the download, Frippertronics expert Al Okada notes “For any fan of No Pussyfooting or Evening Star, this live recording is of epic significance, and…is now also comparable in audio quality, by synchronizing the most complete and best (by a mile) available live bootleg recording with Eno’s stage tapes recently discovered.” Listening to the tapes, Fripp himself observes that “The theme of Blue, the undeveloped KC piece of 1974 & recently referred to by John Wetton, informs the beginning soloing over Swastika Girls.”

The restored concert is available from in full and as a bonus, comes with the original test loops created for the Fripp and Eno tours.

A must-have!