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Brain confusion over Bluetooth

March 20, 2011


Coming Saturday I’ll take part in a 12 hour performance as part of the Borealis festival:

What happens to a musician’s brain when under duress? For this event, Le Jury will improvise non-stop for 12 hours, during which the activity of their brains will be monitored by researchers from Bergen University. This data will be displayed to the public, as well as being used by electronic media artist Trond Lossius to create a live visual display.

I’ll be using BioWave sensors and iCube Wi-microDig bluetooth sensor systems for monitoring brain activity.

The sensor system seems surprisingly stable. I’m notorious pessimistic about how well (or if) sensor systems work, but in all of the testing done so far the sensor system has been totally reliable. Maybe it’s saving all the problems for the performance…

On the other hand I am struggling with the BioWave sensor itself. Occationally I have had it working and providing interesting data, but lots of the time the sensor signals are totally confused.

I’m currently in the process of jamomizing patches. The screenshot above shows three instances of the module interfacing between sensors and Max.