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Improvisation by Bergen Barokk in the Håkonshallen sound installation

August 31, 2011


Bergen Barokk: Hans Knut Sveen and Frode Thorsen


The sound installation Lines converging at a distance is still running at Håkon’s Hall. The sound of the installation is based on recordings of the early music ensemble Bergen Barokk.

The coming weekend, as part of Bergen Medival Music Days Bergen Barokk will respond to the sound installation with an improvisation at the hall, playing with and against the sound of the installation.

The performance by Frode Thorsen and Hans Knut Sveen will be part of the program for a guided tour of the medival part of Bergen. If you want to attend, please meet by the entrance of Bryggens Museum coming Saturday or Sunday at 11:55.

I’m currently collaborating with Bergen Barokk towards a larger joint project, combining electronics and acoustic instruments. For the project various recordings were done during the spring, to be used in the current installation as well the further process.

Today we had a two hour inspiring and fun session at the hall, experimenting with material and the structure of the performance. In spite of having done sound installations for more than 10 years, I have never before tried using them as a sound bed for live improvisations and performances. Signe Lidén, MA student at the art academy, has for a while been inviting various musicians to play with her drone instruments and sculptures,. Based on the experience today I definetively understand her fascination with this approach.