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Sara Rajaei: The continuous ends connected to the beginnings

March 19, 2012


Sara Rajaei: Forever for a while (2009)


Sara Rajaei: Charismatic fates & vanishing dates (2006)


I first got to know the work of Sara Rajaei in 2006, when her video "Charismatic Fates & Vanishing Dates (2006) was selected for the screening program as part of At Home in Europe. This was a 1-year EU culture 2000 funded collaboration between ISIS Arts in Newcastle, BEK in Bergen, RIXC in Riga and Interspace in Sofia, combining a residency program, commisioning of new video works and a video screening program presented in all four cities using the Big M mobile screening venue of ISIS Arts.

Sara Rajaei’s beautiful, poetic and haunting work just grew on me as I saw it again and again. Since then I have wanted to be able to do a broader presentation of her work. Malin Barth, the director of Foundation 3.14, was equally enthusiastic when we sat down to look through works received from Sara last fall, and quickly decided that this deserved to be seen.

Friday March 9th the screening program The continuous ends connected to the beginnings opened at 3.14, featuring five of her works. We were fortunate to have Sara present for the opening.

The screening program is curated by me, and co-curated by Malin Barth. Coming Thursday we’ll be doing an evening event presentign two additional works of hers. If you happen to be in Bergen between now and May 6th, I strongly recommend that you take the time to visit 3.14.

The screening program is presented alongside the installation Current Disturbance by Mona Hatoum.