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"Lontano" at Borealis festival

February 28, 2013

What happens when sound is being absorbed rather than reflected? How do we, subconciously, use spatial hearing to navigate space. Experience variations from absolute and pressing silence to illusions of soundcapes in the anechoic chamber at Haukeland hospital, one of the most fascinating place to be found in Bergen.

The sound installation “Lontano” lasts about half an hour and can be experienced during the Borealis Festival – from 6 to 10 March – every hour between 12 and 16. NB! There is very limited space – only 4 people at a time – so sign up for a viewing at (and CC to!

NB! There is very limited space – only 4 people at a time – so sign up for a viewing at!

“Lontano” is a site-specific installation for the anechoic chamber at Haukeland University Hospital. This is a room designed to completely absorb reflections of sound, insulated from exterior sources of noise. While the architectural and physical appearance of the space is experienced as overwhelming and claustrophobic, the sonic appearance is that of a quiet open-space of infinite dimension. In the “Lontano” installation surround sound is used to create shifting illusions of sonic landscapes and places. The installation is a play of perceptual sonic illusions, moving freely between the oppressing silence of the anechoic chamber, outdoor soundscapes and illusions of being located in various indoor spaces. The installation raises questions about how our hearing works and how we perceive the environment and locate ourselves in the world through sound. Due to the particular location and qualities of the work, audience is invited to experience the installation in guided tours for a small group of people at a time.

Location: Haukeland sykehus, Bergen. Main Entrance

Take buses number 2, 3 or 12 from the stop outside Xhibition (Småstrandgaten), which arrives at Haukeland 10-13 minutes later. Entrance: Hovedinngang 2. Vest. Book your viewing with (and please CC to

Tickets: Free.

Supported by Kunst- og designhøgskolen i Bergen, BEK – Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst, Norsk kulturråd and Bergen kommune.