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Reaper JS plugins for ambsionic processing

April 2, 2013


Over the past few days I’ve been looking into how to make JS audio effect plugins for the Reaper DAW program. JS is a scripting language which is compiled on the fly and allows you to modify and/or generate audio and MIDI, as well as draw custom vector based UI and analysis displays. JS effects are simple text files, which when loaded in REAPER become full featured plug-ins.

JS plugins are simple and fast to develop, and I have made a bunch for processing of ambisonic sound field recordings:

  • YAW rotation (around the up axis)
  • PITCH rotation (around the right axis)
  • ROLL rotation (around the front axis)
  • 1st order encoding of mono source
  • 1st order encoding of stereo source (treated as two mono sources)
  • 1st order super stereo encoding (I still need to apply 90 degree phase offsets to signals in order to complete this one)

I’ve set up a GitHub repository where you can grab the code/plugins and follow further development.