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Electroacoustic Music Analysis: OREMA, eOREMA Journal and EAnanlysis

April 21, 2013


De Montfort University (DMU) is currently running a research project that has lead to several interesting initiatives dealing with analysis of electroacoustic music:

The OREMA Online Repository for Electroacoustic Music Analysis project is a community-based forum where analysts of electroacoustic music can post their analyses of electroacoustic music compositions. It allows people with different ideas of analysis a space to discuss why they choose to analyse a piece in a certain way. The aim of the project is to gauge whether a community initiative can aid an analyst’s understanding of a work, whilst helping them conduct an analysis themselves.

eOREMA is a new peer-reviewed, open access peer-reviewed journal devoted to the analysis of electroacoustic music in all of its various forms. The first volume of the new eOREMA Journal is now online.

And finally, Pierre Couprie is currently developing a new software package that is intended to include as many tools as possible for analysis of electroacoustic music. EAnalysis is still in development at the time of writing, but has already incorporated many of the tools that are currently available that are applicable to analysis from the listener’s point of view. An expert system will be added in the near future to aid the analyst in terms of sonic patterns of behaviour.