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Noise reduction planning

January 24, 2014


Prognoses of estimated noise zones surrounding the airport in 2020. Red zone indicates 50 dB Lden or more, and the black line indicates 40 dB Lden or more. The two westbound fingers stretching out over Sotra are clear indicators of expected growth in noise from helicopter traffic to and from the oil rigs in the North Sea.


The Municipality of Bergen has recently launched a plan for noise reduction. Noise propagation from the main infrastructure noise sources (airport, railways, light rail, roads and the harbor) are identified, and an action plan has been prepared with the aim of reducing noise pollution. The plan is currently open for comments.

In somewhat related news the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has a Draft Guidance for Assessing the Effects of Anthropogenic Sound on Marine Mammals currently open for comments.

This document provides guidance for assessing the effects of anthropogenic (man-made) sound on marine mammal species. Specifically, it identifies the received levels, or thresholds, above which individual marine mammals are predicted to experience changes in their hearing sensitivity (either temporary or permanent) for all underwater anthropogenic sound sources. This guidance is intended to be used by analysts and managers and other relevant user groups and stakeholders, when seeking to determine whether and how their activities are expected to result in particular types of impacts to marine mammals via acoustic exposure.