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Atmospherics trip

August 9, 2015


Last week me and Jeremy Welsh went for a 3-day sound and video field-recording trip in Hordaland and Sogn & Fjordane, continuing the Atmospherics project started out last year. As I have been teaching at the Grieg Academy this past spring, I have had less time for field recordings over the past months. It felt great to be back on (4 channel ambisonic) track again.

I am constantly reminded of the fundamental difference between what we see (and capture with a camera) and what we hear (and hence record). One stellar example during this trip was a stop along the winding road climbing the Rørvik mountain in Sogn & Fjordane. In front of us we had a scenic view of the Haukedalsvatnet and the valley surrounding it. Opening the door of the car, we were greeted by the loud engine sound of a tourist bus, running idle while the passengers were out taking snapshots. The sound was completely overshadowing any other sound, turning an assumedly tranquil place into a bus terminal. None of the recordings from this trip escaped the sound of voices, steps, cars, motorbikes, helicopters or airplanes. When recorded, even the most pristine, scenic and assumedly untouched parts of Norway reveal themselves as being dominated by the antroposcene.


Photo by Jeremy Welsh