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Stray notes from Music Tech Days 2015

October 26, 2015

Last week I attended the Nowrwegian Music tech Days in Tromsø. Here are a few start notes on stuff that caught my attention.


I dream of wires is a documentary about the rise, fall and rebirth of a machine that shaped electronic music: the modular synthesizer. Over 100 inventors, musicians and enthusiasts are interviewed about their relationship with the modular synthesizer – for many, it’s an all-consuming passion.


A couple of interesting books on the maker scene:

Makers – the new industrial revolution by Chris Anderson


Making is Connecting by David Gauntlett


Converging culture. Where old and new media collide by Henry Jenkins


Some recent Norwegian ganes with interesting and deliberate sound and music design:

In Savant Access the gameplay is influenced by the embedded sound tracks.


Size Does Matter, music by Chipzel.


Myriad by Bifrost Entertainment conbines electronic and visual music.


Klang is a not yet released game by Tinimations, describes as a rhythm platform game. Expected to be released in 2016.


The COSMO project is an open source project about making a DIY effect pedal using the small and inexpensive computer Raspberry PI running Linux with Csound. We may be doing a COSMO workshop at BEK in the spring.


MuzHack is a joint effort between Arve Knudsen and Notam to produce an online hub for music technology projects. The goal is that this application should contain descriptions of the outcomes of such projects, and generally facilitate their re-production.