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Workshop on everyday sound

November 1, 2015


This past week I have been giving a workshop to a group of master students in arts at the University of Agder in Kristiansand. The workshop was an introduction to working with sound in cross-disciplinary contexts.

I have given some lessons with listening examples on the history of sound, sound art and experimental music, with an emphasis on noise as musical material (Luigi Russolo and John Cage), ideas of the French acousmatic music (musique concrete, acousmatic music, reduced listening and the sonorous object), the anecdotal sound and music of Luc Ferrari, acoustic ecology and soundscape thinking (R. Murray Schafer and Hildegard Westerkamp) and some current Norwegian artists working with field recordings (Jana Winderen and Elin Øyen Vister). On a techbnical level the students have been introduced to basic sound editing using Reaper.

One of the days we went for a sound walk and did some field recordings, and the students have used the recordings to develop small projects of their own, alone or in groups, that were presented at the end of the workshop.

The above photo is from a listening exercise done one of the days. Inspired by earlier exercises by Murray Schaefer and Brandon LaBelle, we made notes of all that we heard.