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San Francisco Tape Music Festival

January 5, 2020


If you are in the Bay Area next weekend, you might want to check out the San Francisco Tape Music Festival. A work of mine is part of the late evening concert Saturday 11.

A lot of the material for my piece originates from the Atmospherics collaboration with Je Welshtwo. Here are the program notes for my piece “Listening understood as inhabiting”.

I and my friend Jeremy Welsh often travels suburbs and rural areas in Western Norway. He brings a video camera, and I take along recording equipment. We use the resulting material in a series of audio-visual installations. The impression that these places leave often differs between sound and image. The eye experience scenic fiords. Nature and weather dominate, in spite of power lines, roads and buildings along the fiord. The field recordings testify to how these places are now domesticated. Human activities, machines, traffic, electricity, helicopters and passing airlines dominate the soundscapes.

This work starts from a series of field recordings from Western Norway and beyond. Some recordings are further processed and abstracted, and other layers added. The result is a psychogeographic reading of these places. In this composition, I want to create a sequence of places, fields and textures that we can listen to and inhabit. I hope this active listening will continue after the concert, as we re-enter our everyday lives and surroundings.

I will not be present, but Joseph Anderson is responsible for the diffusion, so I know that it is in the best of hands.