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I am my own studio tech assistant

February 24, 2021


Maintenance work at my studio over the past few days:

  • Substituted a cable from sound card to amplifier to have all 16 channels of the surround setup working again
  • Calibrated all audio outlets so that all 16 channels work properly with consistent sound levels
  • Got rear pair of a quad setup working (finally)
  • Installed macOS Big Sur on a laptop
  • Set the same laptop up to use a MOTU 1248 sound card over AVB
  • Installed new 4K computer monitor (harsh reality check regarding the current level of photo skills)
  • Tidied up and cleaned the studio
  • Installed Ableton Live 11
  • Got bass guitar properly working with DI box and connected to various VST bass amp simulators (fun)

I am my own studio tech assistant.