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Blog archive for January 2008

What happens to tl.objects?

January 6, 2008

In 2000 I started making available some abstractions and externals that I had developed for Max/MSP bundled as tl.objects. Over the years more stuff was added and the externals were ported to OSX and Windows thanks to Jasch and F.E. But so far they have not made it to the Intel Macs.

Every now and then I get questions about any plans to port them. Some of the externals are ported and available already but they have been integrated as part of Jamoma. So far only Max objects have been ported and they are now known as ( jcom.delta2 (tl.delta2) jcom.equals (tl.s==) and jcom.velocity (tl.velocity).

There are plans for porting the MSP filter objects as well but the plan is kind of ambitious: I am moving the source code to depend on and being integrated as part of TTBlue the audio DSP C++ library developed by Tim Place. TTBlue form the basis for many of the TapTools externals and also several audio processing ecternals in Jamoma (e.g. jcom.limiter~ and jcom.saturation~).

Tim has been doing a lot of work on a new version of TTBlue lately (check the roadmap towards TTblue 0.5) and I have partly working code for the Butterworth lowpass filter although it still crashes when instantiating as a Max external. But I believe and hope that it won’t take long before we have it working between us. And once we have one working the rest should be pretty straight forward.

Any news will be announced here and on the Max list/forum.