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Blog archive for May 2012

Preliminary photo documentation of the IKEA installation

May 1, 2012



Borealis has posted some preliminary photo documentation of the installation Pieces of bits while disassembling by me and Anna Wignell at the old IKEA store in Åsane last Saturday, alongside photo documentation of the other events taking place.

More documentation is forthcoming over the next few weeks.

Review of 3 Cities Project @ Musa

May 1, 2012

The Three Cities Project evening at Musa in Aberdeen one week ago was a most enjoyable event to take part in. Alan Cooper has written a review, reposted at the “Sound” festival web site:

Art.On.Wires workshop patches for download

May 4, 2012


Cleaned-up versions of the Max/Jamoma patches used for the workshops at Art.On.Wires this week are now available for download.

Slow interpolation between noisy matrixes

May 29, 2012


I recently was asked for suggestions for how to create slow interpolations between noisy matrixes in Jitter. The problem when interpolating between noisy matrixes is that the result will tend to be grayed out, with less contrasts and extreme pixel values than the two matrixes that we start out with.

In this patch I’m applying some statistics to compensate for the lack of contrast in the interpolated matrixes. All processing is done on matrixes of @type float32. First I find the mean value of the matrix, and change it to become 0.0. Next I calculate the standard deviation. This is used to normalize the the matrix to have a standard deviation of 0.28871. From some empiric measurements of a large noisy matrix, that seemed to be a common value for the standard deviation. Finally I up the mean value of the matrix to 0.5 again.

The patch can be downloaded here.