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Blog archive for March 2015


March 11, 2015

Culture is the condition that excludes a mentality capable of measuring it.

Theodor Adorno



March 19, 2015

There is a urgent need to rethink how we understand and relate to the present and the future by moving away both from the naive optimism central to the inception of modernity and from the nostalgic melancholia of the postmodern. At a time when the arts and humanities are under attack, seen as “luxury disciplines” not worth investing in by right-wing governments across the Western world, there is a pressing need to reinvent new modalities of though that can be developed within these very subjects. Hypercapitalism promises but does not deliver novelty, innovation, and preemption, particularly to specific strands of society. These concepts, however, in the hands of artists and theoreticians, can become powerful research tools with which to alter the decaying landscape.

Eleni Ikoniadou,
in The Rhytmic Event. Art, Media and the Sonic.
MIT Press 2014