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Blog archive for October 2016

Performance at Bergen Assembly

October 2, 2016


From Friday’s performance in Tarek Atoui’s Within in Sentralbadet as part of Bergen Assembly.

At some point in the process of preparing for this concert, unsure about the direction to take, I consulted the Oblique Strategies and drew a card that encouraged me to “Accept Advice”. I have never encountered that card before. I am still not sure if the card exists, or if I dreamed it, but it’s the best advice I could possible get. Frem there on, I decided to ask for and consider all suggestions and advices that I received, and it is one of the most productive creative strategies that I have ever encountered.

Thanks to Craig Wells, Mikael Mire, Mir Karim and Line Horneland for the fantastic job you did in the actual performance, for your generous participation and support in the process, and for all the wonderful suggestions, contributions and offers you had for me. It has been a treat working with you, and you have all contributed so much to the final result.

Thanks to Ingrid Riksfjord for translating my text at short notice, and also your advices with respect to how to plan for translations in the future. You were part of the band!

Thanks to Kari Telstad Sundet and Espen Sommer Eide, you both offered valuable advices at critical points in the process.

Thanks to Ingrid Engesæter Røen, Tor Steffen Espedal, Ferdinand Weinberger, and everyone else at Bergen Assembly for your help and assistance.

Thanks to Bergen Assembly for bringing Tarek Atoui to Bergen. I have been fortunate to follow his work here in Bergen over the past two years. It is rare to be able to work alongside such a capacity, and see him engage so whole-hearted with the many communities in Bergen that he has connected with, sharing generously of his time, competency, commitment, vision, support, interest and engagement.

Thank you, Tarek. I have the deepest respect for who you are and for what you do.

Opprop – Bygg scenekunsthus i Sentralbadet nå

October 27, 2016

Sara Rajaei: In the gaze of Panoptes (2016)

October 28, 2016

Single channel video installation, color, sound, 20 min.

Video commissioned by 3,14 and BEK as part of 3,14’s Artist in Residency program Circulating Air.