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Blog archive for July 2017

Experimenting with QLab

July 28, 2017


I’m currently working on a performance/stage project named Blind Spot at Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad. The production will be premiering in two weeks. An interesting process that I have not had much time to write about here so far, but I just want to quickly jot down some notes about a technical issue that I’m currently exploring.

If possibly I want to use QLab to control sound cues in performance. If so I still need to be able to ride volumes of ambiences and textures on the fly. It seems like I’ve managed to find a way of doing so a BCF2000 fader and Max as a middleman passing MIDI and OSC messages in this and that direction.

I also just noticed that the QLab cue files seem to be text files. As far as I can see they seem to be using JSON formatting. This might make it possible to use GIT for versioning, permitting much more experimental approaches to experimentation with cues, without the fear of breaking everything. I’ll need to do some searches and see if others have done this before, and if there are any GOTCHAS. The tect at the top of the file seems to indicate that there might be potential issues, but I don’t quite understand how, as this is a single file, andnot one of several files within a bundle:


// The pretty-printed property list below has been created
// from a binary version on disk and should not be saved as
// the ASCII format is a subset of the binary representation!