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Blog archive for August 2023

Restoring video and audio documentation

August 1, 2023

When I ported this web site to Nanoc last year, video and audio documentation of past works, hosted at Vimeo and SoundCloud, got lost in the transition. Today I finally got around to restore them.

There is a series of works done in recent years that remains to be properly documented and added, one of them being this collaboraiton with Ingeborg Annie Lindahl at Surnalad billag in 2021:

Trond Lossius ยท The Transience of Time (soundtrack, 2021)

Multichannel DeGrader VST plugin

August 4, 2023

DeGrader Demo from Trond Lossius on Vimeo.


The DeGrader VST plug-in is now fully functional, with similar behaviour to the C’74 Max object degrade~ Based on code base for the IEM Ambisonics Plug-in Suite, it can process from two to sixty-four audio channels. The DSP signal processing algorithm is a port from Jamoma DSP code, and hence proof of concept for porting and implementing further DSP algorithms from Jamoma to VST.

In the process, I gradually learn more about C++ development, the IEM code base and the Juce framework.