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Blog archive for December 2023

Reverbs in Faust

December 18, 2023

Over the past few days I have been looking into Faust, a functional programming language for sound synthesis and audio processing created at the GRAME-CNCM Research Department.

Specifically, I am checking out the various built-in reverb modules. They are straight forward to compile as JSFX plugins for Reaper, allowing rapid prototyping. It also seems doable to compile into VST plugins using JUCE.

Looking at the source code for the reverb modules, they appear themselves to be programmed in Faust. As such they should be quite hackable.

Multchannel Reverb

December 28, 2023

After several days of tweeking, I have managed to make a fully functional multichannel reverb VST plugin. The plugin is developed in Juce and make use of frameworks from the IEM Ambisonic plugin suite. The reverb algorithm itself is the open-source freeverb implemented using Faust on a per-channel basis, with no reverb diffusing or leaking between channels.

More than anything else, this is a working proof-of-concept of how Faust can be used to develop VST plugins processing multichannel and ambisonic signals.

AntiRSI recompiled

December 30, 2023

AntiRSI is a handy little macOS app that encourages shorter and longer breaks while at the computer to avoid muscle strain and tension. I first downloaded it over a decade ago and have always copied it when migrating to new laptops. With the latest migration to a computer running Sonoma on an M2 processor, it stopped working.

It appears that the original developer no longer maintains it, but I found a more recent fork on GitHub. I checked out and compiled it, and it instantly works. Nice!