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Ambisonic Toolkit for Reaper


ATK for Reaper is a set of plugins for the Reaper DAW. Using the ReaJS plugin ATK for Reaper can also be used with other DAWs on Windows that support VST plugins.

The plugins are developed in the JS FX scripting language, and work with all platforms and processors supported by Reaper. Several of the plugins, most noticeably the Transforms, are provided with graphical user interfaces that help visualise the effect of the transform.

For more information and downloads, please visit the official Ambisonic Toolkit website.






Manage media processing in large installations, performances and interactions, with systems built up of flexible and interchangable modeles.

Make your own models to fully leverage Jamoma’s power — or use the existing library to quickly create and explore artistic potentials.

Explore Jamoma’s powerful communication, automation, and signal processing in a graphical patching environment like Max or take it close to the metal and use the C++ systems directly.

Jamoma is available for Max and PureData. Additional implementations can be developed using the Jamoma C++ frameworks.

For more information and downloads, please visit the official Jamoma website.






fancyBox is a tool that offers a nice and elegant way to add zooming functionality for images, html content and multi-media on your webpages.

fancyBoxWithBootstrap is a modified version of the demo page from the original repository that combines fancyBox and Bootstrap. An online demonstration of fancyBox with Boostrap can be seen here.




Multilingual static website


A solution for static multi-lingual websites using jQuery to show and hide locales depending on language preferences. An online demo is available here.




Discontinued Projects



A number of Max/MSP externals. Most of the functions of tl.objects have been reimplemented in one way of another as part of Jamoma.

Download tl.objects for Mac OSX

Download tl.objects for Windows

The windows externals were recompiled by Francois Eudes Chanfrault February 2009. They’re smaller and better optimized, and are also checked for Max 5 API compatibility.





A collection of “abstractions” for transmitting RPN, NRPN and SysEx-messages to Yamaha XG Extended General MIDI synth modules.

Download XG MIDI Tools 1.0