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HotWired Live Art (Worklab) (2000)


In 2000 I participated in the HotWired workshop/performance/event hosted by Motherboard and BEK – Bergen Centre for Electronic Art.

During the workshop I made a FM-based synth drone that was controlled by light sensors attached behind two candles on the wall. The sensor part was done by Gisle Frøysland.

The drone became an ever-present background to all other kinds of audiovisual and performative events that took place during the performances that concluded the workshop.

The drone was later used by Motherboard for a performance in Oslo, and the patch is apparently still available for download at the Motherboard web site for the project.

This was the first BEK project ever and a flying start for the new organization.

Technical details:

The workshop sported four brand new Mac G4s, the first ones to arrive in Norway.