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/55\ - så jævla sanntid (2000)


This was a one week workshop investigating the creative potential of real time video control and manipulation using Max and Nato.0+55+3d software.

The workshop at BEK in the summer of 2000 was the first of its kind worldwide investigating the potential of Nato.

The mailing list set up for the workshop was later turned into a general mailing list for Max and Nato.0+55+3d when NN was kicked of the official Max lists run by Cycling’74. For a while it was a vital forum for discussion on work on real-time video, with a much stronger emphasis on artistic, activist and political issues than you see at most software-oriented mailing lists.

Participants: HC Gilje, Kurt Ralske, Gisle Frøysland, Trond Lossius, Reinert Mithassel, Thomas Siversen.

HC Gilje and Kurt Ralske later teamed up with Lukasz lysakowski as 242.pilots, a band of video artists performing collaboratively.

I later on collaborated with Kurt Ralske on two installations.