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Elektropoesia (2004)


Audio-visual installation by Trond Lossius and Kurt Ralske at Electrohype, Malmö konsthall, 2004-05

Elektropoesia investigates relationships between sound and video, creating a combined artistic expression with both layers being of equal importance.

Sound and video are independent layers, but share a way of dealing with intensity, time, periodic and aperiodic rhythms. Shifting intensities of sound and video combines into a audio-visual counter-point.

The video is a seamless loop of approx. 7 minutes duration, while sound, generated algorithmically using Max/MSP, moves through a series of states in 19 minutes. The difference in duration cause them to create ever-new combinatorial patterns.


Two projectors were used for the video (2048×240 pixels, 8×0.9 meters). Underneath the video a row of 16 loudspeakers are used for sound, spatialised using ambisonics. The speaker setup creates a physical sensation of planar sound waves passing by and through the spectator at great speed.