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Quiet and Relaxed, but Alert (2005)


Interactive installation by Jana Winderen and Trond Lossius.

Music is continually going up and down, but no longer only on those stepping stones, five, seven, twelve in number, or the quarter tone.

John Cage


Part of the group exhibition “The idea of North” at Galleri F15, Moss.

Curated by Rhonda Corvese, Solveig Aida Halldorsdottir, Hekla Dogg Johnsdottir, Yngvild Færey and Sossa Jørgensen


The installation started of from an earlier work by Jana Winderen, Jørgen Træen and myself, the interactive installation THE ART OF WALKING ON WATER, touring schools in the Hedmark region from 2004 onwards.

In that work, sensor mats provided an extended physical interface to the computer. The kids would trigger sounds by stepping, jumping and running on the mats.

For the installation at Galleri F15 we further explored the expressive possibilities offered by the interface, this time providing a situation that enabled both physical activity and intentional listening and contemplation.

Interaction between the audience was emphasised in the interaction design.

The installation consisted of the interactive part, the technical equipment displayed in the neighboring room, and a radio by a window (this part by Jana Winderen only).

Field recordings related to water formed the basic sound material: A brook, footsteps in a puddle and footsteps in snow. Simple use of delays and filters turned the sounds musical.