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White-Out (2005)


An installation of sound, video and digital prints by Trond Lossius & Kurt Ralske at Visningsrommet USF, Bergen

Designed for a gallery that is extremely open to the outside world, WHITE-OUT investigates the ambience, ambient art and the blurring between the art work / art gallery and its surroundings.


The material is mainly sampled on location and further processed. Digital prints and video are based on photos taken at the gallery, including photos of the installation itself, and further processed using slitscan techniques in the custom video software Auvi, developed by Kurt Ralske.

Sound is based on recordings of the ventilation system and other ambient sounds and further processed. Piano-samples are used as impulse responses for a convolution reverb. The sound of knives and forks from the café next door reappears as piano notes, before being further processed and abstracted.

The various layers of sound were distributed to different groups of speakers in the gallery.