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LMW - What Goes Around Comes Around (2006)


by Trond Lossius, Jon Arne Mogstad and Jeremy Welsh

A five-day workshop in a project room at the Academy of Fine Art, Bergen. Wall painting, objects, projected images and multi-channel audio combined within a dynamic spatial structure.






The installation changed from day to day as elements were added or removed, or recombined in different ways. Each element was a response both to the space/the situation and to the other elements already in use. An active dialogue between the collaborating partners became an integral part of the project.

On the final day of the workshop, the installation was opened to the public.

Video projections from dvd and from material manipulated in real time using Isadora software to create complex, multi-layered mixes.

Audio generated on site using MAX MSP software, distributed dynamically in space across a range of loudspeakers.

Paintings on the wall and on plexiglass made with rollers, brushes and spray cans.

A reworked version of this installation was later shown as part of the 2005 Summer Exhibition at Seljord Kunstforening, Telemark.