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LMW - Improsynth / jc 87 (2006)


Installation by LMW (Trond Lossius, Jon Arne Mogstad and Jeremy Welsh).

The installation in a container formed part of a sound art program at one of Norway’s biggest rock festivals. Outside the container the logo “LMW” was painted in large letters and rasterised patterns and stripes of colour painted at one of the short walls.

Inside the container, eight loudspeakers were suspended along the sidewall and a seven-inch LCD screen was attached to the end wall. Dark drapes were hung in the entrance so that the only light came from the small screen.

Sound was based on recordings on the site, an impromptu performance hitting, knocking, touching, and kicking the walls of the container. The recordings were further processed and abstracted in ways that ensured that once played back, the sound would resonate with the container and make it vibrate.

Entering the sun-baked container, it felt small, hot and uncomfortable, of uncertain depth, the floor vibrating under the feats as the sound set up resonances. The sound, moving back and forth along the length of the container, enhanced the ambiguity as to how deep the container was.