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Floating Characters (2007)


FLOATING CHARACTERS, directed by Karen Kipphoff, explores the borders of screen, digital media and live art during performances utilizing puppets, objects, actors, text, audio and visual media.

It is inspired by Bunraku theatre, video games, slapstick, panoramic experiences and the text “A Certain Number of Conversations” by Alexander Vvedenskij.


Director Karen Kipphoff
Dramaturgy Jette Lund
Scenography Karen Kipphoff, Are Viktor Hauffen
Video Karen Kipphoff, Trond Lossius
Sound design Trond Lossius, Ricardo del Pozo
Audio-visual programming Trond Lossius
Lights Sigve Sælensminde
Character Nr 1 Pedro Gomez-Egana, Agnes Nedregaard
Character Nr 2 Mikkel Rasmussen Hofplass, Karen Skog
Character Nr 3 Viktorija Rudytė, Marie Prinz
Additional voices Gillian Carson, Trond Lossius

The panoramic video image was produced using two partly overlapping projectors. Edge blending in the overlap region resulted in a seamless transition between the two projections. Video playback, compositing and processing was done and controlled in real-time using Max/Jitter, Jamoma and custom-programmed OpenGL shaders.


Supported by The Norwegian Art Council, Bergen National Academy of the Arts and BEK. Co-produced by BiT Teatergarasjen.