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Shake the Tree


SHAKE THE TREE by Maria Udd and Stine Karlsen was commissioned as a public art work for Nordahl Grieg Videregående Skole, opened in 2010.

Architectures by Link Signatur AS. Ingrid Berven and Trond Lossius served as artistic consultants for the public art commission, with a total budget of NOK 2.000.000.


The cone-shaped auditorium is located in the lobby area. The outer surface of the cone is painted green. At the upper entry to the auditorium the pattern of the construction scaffolding remains visible as a texture, with a gradual transition to a smooth and polished surface. A siluette of a World War II airplane is imprinted as a matte texture in the surface at one of the sides. At the large concrete wall facing the auditorium the text “SHAKE THE TREE” is imprinted in large black letters.




Two quotes by Nordahl Grieg and Mads Gilbert respectively are imprinted at walls in nearby stairways:

Hva skal jeg kjempe med, hva er mitt våpen?

Fortell videre. Send videre. Rop det videre. Gjør noe! Gjør noe mer!