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MUU FOR EARS 9 - Collection of Finnish and Norwegian Sound Art and Experimental Music


A stereo version of the sound for the 2011 installation Lines Converging at a Distance at Håkonshallen is featured at the CD MUU FOR EARS 9, published by MUU Artists Association in Finland.


MUU FOR EARS 9 explores the sound art and experimental music scenes in Finland and Norway. The compilation contains a wide range of material, including field recordings, sound installations, experimental musical improvisations, remix and sample compositions and live recordings. The CD features eight artists and 17 tracks with a total duration of 68 minutes.

The artists on MUU FOR EARS 9 are Child Of Klang, Hemmelig Tempo, Trond Lossius and Marieke Verbiesen from Norway, with Mikko Maasalo, Aleksi Myllykoski/Urban Dark Ensemble, Antti Nykyri and Joonas Siren/Younghusband from Finland.

The CD was released at the Supermarket Art Fair at Kulturhuset in Stockholm, 17-19 February 2012. A second release was organised in Lydgalleriet in Bergen, Norway, 13 April 2012, featuring performances by Trond Lossius and Joonas Siren. It has been presented at What A Mess! Art Fair at Hydrogenfabrikken Kunsthall, Fredrikstad, 24-26 August 2012.

The mission of MUU is to promote the collaboration and interchange between artists working within different fields of art, such as sound and music, video, media art and performance. The publication of MUU FOR EARS is part of MUU’s Audio Autographs project featuring international sound art events, workshops, publications, artist talks and lectures, and also an online radio at


MUU FOR EARS 9 – a limited edition of 600. Price: 15 euro (postage included).
Order your copy from:
On sale at: MUU gallery, Lönnrotinkatu 33, 00180 Helsinki, Finland, +358-9-625 972


01 Marieke Verbiesen: Rjukan 2:34
02 Antti Nykyri: In Between 2:20
03 Antti Nykyri: A Song for Nurses 3:30
04 Joonas Siren: Exploring Amen (part 2) 3:28
05 Younghusband: Cosmic Rays from the Planet Altar 4:50
06 Hemmelig Tempo: Double Tape Station 6:16
07 Hemmelig Tempo: Do Not Experiment in the Sauna 2:39
08 Mikko Maasalo: Breen_01 3:05
09 Mikko Maasalo: Breen_02 4:35
10 Child Of Klang: Marmelen – The Magical Bridge Hymn #1 1:01
11 Child Of Klang: Marmelen – The Magical Bridge soundtrack (featuring Kristine Tjøgersen, clarinet) 6:05
12 Aleksi Myllykoski: Non-Place Walk (abandoned theme park version) 5:01
13 Urban Dark Ensemble: No Fallin’ (Ad-Free Remix) 3:58
14 Trond Lossius: Lines Converging at a Distance 7:20


15 Mikko Maasalo: Breen_03 3:44
16 Marieke Verbiesen: eyeyeyuh 2:28
17 Marieke Verbiesen & Håvard Pedersen: No Laptop Liveset 4:30


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Nordic Culture Point
Arts Council of Finland