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The Atmospherics II - Flags, Flames, Smoke & Bridges


Visningsrommet USF, Bergen, December 2014.

16 channels of sound and 3 HD video projections. Loudspeakers are arranged around the edges of the gallery space, on the floor and mounted on the wall just below ceiling height. The two symmetric rings of loudspeakers on floor and wall allow sound to be distributed both laterally and vertically. This arrangement allows for a more immersive listening experience, placing the viewer in a more physical relationship with the artwork.

The three videos have different durations, so that the combination of three images changes constantly. Certain images feature in all three projections and on rare occasions, these images converge.



In contrast to the first installation, The Place Sound Builds In Passing, version two includes many images of architecture, industrial buildings and ruins in the landscape. Images of factory environments in Odda and Tyssedal, Hardanger, emphasise the contrast between industrial architecture and the overwhelming scale of the natural environment.

Audio materials combine sounds recorded both in the vicinity of industrial sites, and sounds of the natural environment.





The Atmospherics has been supported by: The Municipality of Bergen, Arts Council Norway, Norwegian artists’ project fund and BEK – Bergen Center for Electronic Arts.