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by Carte Blanche


by carte blanche is a performance created by the whole company. By removing the choreographer, the ensemble challenges the practice and tradition of the contemporary dance performance and open up for new interpretations of both concept and aesthetics.




The dancers stage themselves, having worked their way towards an agreement through a constant process of negotiation and acceptance. This intricate agreement meets the different musical guests that have invited to perform with the ensemble live on stage. These meetings generate performances where the fusion of two artistic expressions create unique stage moments.

The dancers and the artists have met just hours prior to the performance.

By and with all in Carte Blanche, the Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance, lighting design Jens Sethzman and the following guests: Anneli Drecker, Motorpsycho, Susanna, Alain Franco, Hemmelig Tempo and Thea Hjelmeland.


Presented at The Norwegian Opera & Ballet, Oslo, Studio Bergen in Bergen, Grieghallen, Bergen and Stavanger Concert House.


During the rehearsal and preparation stage leading up to the first performances, I contributed to a series of workshops with the dancers, assisting them in how to listen, think and act in relation to the various kinds of music, and more general on working methods and processes in this kind of collective and cross-disciplinary projects.