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Shades of Change


Ingeborg Annie Lindahl – Trond Lossius
29.07. – 07.08 2016

The exhibition at Stiftelsen 3,14 combines a 32 meter mural chalk drawing and 12 channel surround sound into an immersive installation.

Drawings and sound were developed on site over five hectic days in front of the opening. Lindahls chalk-drawing continued to evolve throughout the exhibition period, and as the exhibition period came to an end, the drawing ended in destruction.





The project investigated possibilities for a cross-disciplinary audio-visual dialogue between large scale drawings and sound. On a conceptual level the installation reflects on the changing climate.


Stereo version of audio from installation


Surround (ambisonic) recordings of traffic served as raw material for sound design. The recordings were heavily processed to take on abstract textural characters hinting at weather phenomenas. The soundscape would contain several superimposed layers of sound, reproduced at different locations along the wall, entering and disappearing as waves. The spatial nature of the sound resulted in a heightened spatial and temporal sensitivity, inviting the audience to stay for longer and engage with different sections of the drawing as sound would guide attention in different directions.

On a formal level a number of interesting observations and experiences were made. One noticeable difference when working with sound and drawings, as compared to working with sound and video in other works, was that sound needed to be slowed down dramatically in order to lock in and connect with the drawings. A very fine balance had to be maintained between stasis and temporal dynamism. Over the five days preparing for the opening we also had a number of interesting discussions on similarities in approach and thinking with respect to form when positioning and distributing sound events in time, and visual elements along the large surface of the wall.




This exhibition was part of the 1-1, a series of short interceptions in the exhibition program at 3,14, establishing a dialogue between two artists, with at least one of them being based in Bergen. It was the first time the two of us worked together, and we would very much like to continue the dialogue and process in future projects.